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Georgy Nikolaevich Shuppe was born on March 11, 1971 in Moscow to a family of scientists.


Father: Nikolay Georgievich Shuppe – doctor of science in biology at the Academy of Science of the USSR and Professor.


Mother: Nadezhda Isaacovna Kikoin – patent specialist and the  daughter of Isaac Konstantinovich Kikoin, academic of the Academy of Science of the USSR, physicist and one of the founding fathers of the soviet nuclear program and the Kurchatovsky Institute, twice awarded hero of Socialist Labour and winner of the Lenin Prize.


1997 – 2012 Egor was married to Ekaterina Berezovskaya, daughter of Boris Abramovich Berezovsky. Father of four.

Igor has acted as a business angel for a variety of hi-tech projects, helping to raise investments for start-ups in the UK, Germany, USA and Eastern Europe.


In 2008, together with Edward Shenderovich, Egor Shuppe created an investment fund for technology and internet projects Kite Ventures. Over the years, the fund has invested over US $400 million.


Among the most acclaimed projects of the fund is the German company Delivery Hero, which went public in July 2017 and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Tradeshift – a cloud services, connecting the customers and sellers for companies such as Groupon, Fyber, and others.


Early years

Between 1977 and 1987, Egor attended school No. 171 which had a specialist program in conjunction with the Department of Chemistry of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Egor was interested in chemistry and biology.


In 1984 he won of the Moscow City Chemistry Olympiad.


Between 1987 and 1989, he studied at the Department of Chemistry and Technology of biologically active compounds of the Institute of Fine Chemical technologies. In 2015, the institute merged with Moscow State University of Information Technologies, Radio-technics and Electronics (MIREA, MGUPI) and was re-named the Moscow Technological University).

In 1996, together with Emelian Zakharov and Rafael Filinov, Egor founded Cityline, a company which became the first and largest private internet service provider (ISP) in Russia. In 1997 Damian Kudryavtsev joined the team, and later in 1999, so did Dmitry Bosov and Maxim Barsky.


Egor Shuppe was one of the principal shareholders and President of the company.


Cityline was acquired in 2001 by Golden Telecom. At that point it had over 150,000 clients.


From the late 1980s Egor Shuppe began showing a strong interest in computers, genetics and IT. He took part in the first enterprises to import personal computers into the USSR and later - into Russia. He organised the first PC centre at the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics in Moscow.


In 1991-1992 he worked as Deputy Commercial Director at the first Russian art centre called the Centre of modern art on Yakimanka, founded in 1990 by the art specialist Leonid Bazhanov.


In 1991-1996 as the vice president of the Negotiant Trading House and the head of Magnate Holding he took part in a number of start-ups in agriculture, car distribution chains etc; in particular, he designed and implemented a project of setting up a chain of motorway service stations.


One of the major milestones in the history of Cityline and the Russian Internet as a whole was the creation of Netskate, a production centre for new Russian online media.


In 1996 the overall amount of Internet users in Russia was only 60,000, the Russian segment of the Internet consisted of only a few websites. In order to attract new users and increase the revenues per user (at that time users were charged based on time they spent online), Cityline made a strategic decision to invest in the creation of free Russian online content.


For the development of NetSkate projects, Anton Nosik came to Russia from Israel and Artemy Lebedev – from the USA. The design studio of Artemy Lebedev and was born in NetSkate.


Among the most popular projects of NetSkate were: «The Evening Internet» by Anton Nosik, «Locomotive-news» by Alexander Gagin, «Hayloft» by Sergey Kuznetsov, «Anecdotes from Russia» by Dmitry Verner, etc.

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