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Salford Capital Partners

In 2001-2003 Egor was founder and managing partner of Salford Capital Partners Inc. investment fund. By 2003 its assets were valued at US$350 million. 

Business Projects
Social Projects and Charity


Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is a German start-up, an aggregator of restaurant food delivery services. Egor Shuppe was one of the first business angels to invest in the project. He then further helped to raise about US$ 250 million. As of the end of 2017 the company works with over 150,000 restaurants in over 40 countries.


In 2017 Delivery Hero went public and is now listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In September of 2017 the market capitalisation of the company was 5,5 blllion Euros.


Danish start-up – a cloud service, connecting customers and SME vendors that allows to automate the procurement process, accounting and invoicing. This service has over 800,000 clients worldwide.​

AMP Classes

From 2002, Egor Shuppe had close personal and working relations with the world famous Russian and British philosopher, orientalist and writer Alexander Moiseyevich Piatigorsky, who also lived in London.

In 2006-2009 Egor Shuppe together with A.M. Piatigorsky organised a series of philosophical seminars, which were named 'AMP Classes'. There were over 50 seminars with over 400 hours of audio and video recordings. The scripts of the AMP Classes are the philosophical legacy of A.M. Piatigorsky.

Since Piatigorsky's death in 2009 Egor Shuppe has been supporting and curating his legacy for future generations. For this purpose, he created the Piatigorsky's Heritage Foundation, published philosophical Buddhist books by the philosopher as well as his novels. The website was developed under the direct management of Egor Shuppe and contains the most complete archive of the philosophers works: texts, lectures in English and Russian.

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